Genetic samples analysis is one of the tool used in the management of wisent population. Genetic analysis are conducted at the Department of Genetics and Animal Breeding (Warsaw University of Life Sciences) by scientists very much involved in the molecular genetic.

So far, representatives of the Regional Offices EBCC received the results of molecular analyzes in the form of summary statement for whole herd living in particular enclosed breeding center, based on DNA analysis of biological samples sent by breeders.

Currently changed method of presentation of molecular analysis outcomes is personalized. It means than each certificate is prepared for individual animal instead of one certificate/passport for whole herd. The results are available at the EBCC website ( after logging-in.


A new way of presenting genetic data could be helpful asa proof of pedigree data as well as a document required during transporting and the exchangingof individuals between the breeding centers. During the meeting, participants received passwords to access the electronical certificated located on EBCC webpage as well as it the contents of the certificate was explained.



Non-EBCC units intereseted in analysis of wisent with the use of molecular genetic methods are invited to contact us:

Biological material predicted for genetic analysis should be taken from animals following wit the rules of EBCC regarding GENETIC SAMPLES COLLECTION.


New method of presenting the results of molecular analyzes was presented during the meeting of members of the EBCC, which took place in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski (7 September 2016), the eve of the XIV International Conference of European Bison Friends Society entitled: “WISENTS IN THE LAND OF DINOSAURS”.
More info about whole Conference: here. 

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