The European Bison Friends Society (EBFS) was established in 2005. During the first general assembly, the members elected the president and board of the EBFS. Professor Wanda Olech – Piasecka was elected the president.
Now, among over 180 members of the Society there are mostly functionaries of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences and other specialists of ecology, genetics, veterinary and breeding as well as foresters. In one word – people involved in actions towards the species protection.
The main goal of the EBFS activity is supporting actions towards the protection of Bison bonasus. It is written in the Statute that the main area of activity of EBFS is Poland, but if it’s required, actions can also be committed abroad. To achieve its objectives the EBFS takes educational, scientific, editorial and documentary activity. Moreover the EBFS cooperates with NGO’s and public organizations in order to ensure a proper execution of the requirements resulting from nature and environment protection law regulations. Finally the EBFS organizes the international conferences and symposia about biology and protection of B. bonasus as well as courses for private breeders.


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