European Bison Conservation Centre is a long-term project of non-governmental organization the European Bison Friends Society located in Warsaw, Poland.



European Bison Conservation Centre is a long-term project of non-governmental organization the European Bison Friends Society located in Warsaw, Poland.

Official address:
European Bison Friends Society (EBCC)
Ciszewskiego 8
02-786 Warsaw, Poland

ID number (PL: REGON) 140339365, Tax Identification Number (PL: NIP) PL 951-218-71-01


The purpose of the program: European Bison Conservation Centre is to coordinate activities connected with species’ protection in Europe, and assure an appropriate status of European Bison in captivity as well as in the wild.



The European Bison Conservation Centre consists of:

  • Board
  • Central Advisory Office
  • Regional Centers (name should depend on the local language)
  • European Bison Pedigree Book


The Board will consist of: representatives indicated by Central Advisory Office, Regional Centers, important partner organizations and institutions. After the establishment of the Board, new Board members will need an acceptance of the Board (by voting, with 50% of votes + 1).


Central Advisory Office is a coordinating body within the EBCC, collecting, processing and disseminating all available information on European bison, maintaining contacts with the Board, Regional Centers, EBPB and the Members. It is supported by the EBCC budget and EBFS.


Every Regional Center is a separate independent organization established in a region, a country or for a assemblage of countries which agreed voluntarily to participate as a Regional Center in EBCC, according to the agreement with the Central Advisory Office. All staff of Regional Center, budget and tasks are organized and provided by the founder organization.

Responsible area for each Regional Center is defined in the agreement with the Central Advisory Office.

Responsible area of particular Regional centers cannot overlap. Each Member has to report to the Regional Center in its jurisdiction.

The name “Regional Center” may differ in various countries (regions) depending on the local language and local tradition regarding such bodies.


European Bison Pedigree Book is an autonomous part of EBCC being associated with EBCC on the basis of a mutual agreement.


ARTICLE 3.1 – Board

General supervision of EBCC
Development of EBCC policy
Approval of EBCC planning and the budget
Representation of EBCC in public
Identification of sources of funding
Active fundraising

ARTICLE 3.2 – Central Advisory Office

  • Genetic and demographic analyses based on pedigree data and DNA sampling
  • Facilitation of contacts among breeders, connected with purchase, exchange or donation of animals
  • Dissemination of knowledge, information and facts on European bison
  • Consultation and advice on breeding and management methods on request of the Members
  • Cooperation with the European Bison Pedigree Book and its advise about its future development
  • Maintenance of the EBCC website
  • Organization of annual meetings of the Board
  • Certification of breeders upon the motions of Regional Centers
  • Maintenance of the register of certified breeders in cooperation with EBPB
  • Preparation of information materials
  • Annual reports to the Board

ARTICLE 3.3 – Regional centers

Coordination of EBCC activities in the pre-defined area:

  • One defined region in the country;
  • A country;
  • A number of countries

Dissemination of knowledge, information and facts on European bison (in proper language)
Cooperation and exchange of information with Central Advisory Office
Annual reports to the Central Advisory Office

ARTICLE 3.4 – European Bison Pedigree Book (EBPB)

Evaluation of data on European bison provided by Regional Centers and the Members
Registration of individual European bison in EBPB
Verification of species purity
Annual publication of EBPB by the EBCC
Develop a vision on genetically sound and sustainable population


ARTICLE 4.1 – Certified Members

Certified Member is an individual or institution/organization, actually owning/breeding/taking care of European bison, who/which agreed on certification rules, and on the motion of Regional Centre went into written agreement with Central Advisory Office.

ARTICLE 4.2 – Regular Members

A regular member is every individual or institution/organization involved or interested in conservation of European bison, who/which went into written agreement with European Bison Conservation Centre


The rules for the certification of Members are listed in the document issued by Central Advisory Office and approved by the Board.

ARTICLE 5.1 – Certification of Members

A certificate is valid for the period of 5 years. After this period, the basic evaluation of the Member will be done by the Regional Centre, which will send its opinion to the Central Advisory Office issuing a new certificate. In case of doubts, an additional inspection may be performed by the Central Advisory Office.


Every agreement with a Regional Center, issued by the Central Advisory Office, will be approved by the Board.

ARTICLE 6.1 – Rules for agreements with Regional Centers

Agreements with particular Regional Centers may differ depending on the region, country, local conditions etc. They will include collection the data from the region, transfer of information to Central Advisory Office and the EBPB, regular contacts with local Members, the Central Advisory Office and EBPB, educational activities, maintenance of a local website, linked to the main website of EBPB.


Central Advisory Office and Regional Centers, as structures working independently and having their own sources of financing, are solely responsible legally and financially for their actions. Basic budget of EBCC is approved by the Board, but spending of dedicated funds is determined by sponsors.

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